I Knew Joe, Joe Was a Friend of Mine, and You’re No Joe Marinelli!

14 08 2007

The candidate still standing who I know best and think the most of,  is Dr. Joseph Marinelli.  I remember watching the tv series finale of M*A*S*H in a Hilton hotel room with him and another highly respected Florida education professional, during our annual legislative encampment back in the 1980s.

If we simply MUST have a state school boss, we could do worse than Joe.

(From what I read and hear, that worst would be done by naming Yecke!)

Seven applicants, including retired Hillsborough superintendent Earl Lennard, have made the first cut in the hunt to become Florida’s next education commissioner.

The State Board of Education picked the finalists today, following the recommendations from Proact Search president Nancy Noeske. She presented the list based on candidates who met the July 23 application deadline. The board refused, on a 4-3 vote, to accept any late filings, including a current US Department of Education high level official and the head of the Florida Association of District School Superintendents.

Those who remain are:

· Lennard, who retired as Hillsborough superintendent two years ago and currently works with the state workforce innovation programs.

· Cheri Yecke, Florida’s current K-12 chancellor who previously headed the education departments in Virginia and Minnesota.

· Jim Warford, Yecke’s predecessor as chancellor who currently heads the Florida Association of School Administrators.

· William Moloney, recently retired Colorado education commissioner.

· William Harner, deputy to the CEO of the Philadelphia school system.

· Joseph Marinelli, a regional superintendent in the New York State education system.

· Eric Smith, senior vice president for college readiness, the College Board and former superintendent of Anne Arundel (Maryland) public schools.

The board plans to interview the candidates on Sept. 17-18. To see the finalists’ resumes, visit the search website here.



4 responses

18 09 2007

Go JOE! It’s down to three, and he’s one of em . . .

18 09 2007

Too bad Newsday’s report makes it sound like the standardized test poobah has the edge. I guess that looks like clever management to the officials making the choice, the ones in charge of the stats and the data, school grades and “accountability” and reporting it all to Congress and the ed feds.

Joe’s a people person or he was when I knew him, probably would actually care what the testing does to the kid, not just how the kid does on the testing.

9 10 2007

Yep – when journalists know more than they can report outright, they hint at it in the story and you can read between the lines. The standardized testing poobah just got the job.

Not a good sign that Florida is ready to forge a path out of the NCLB mass insanity. A Yankee know-it-all coming to fix the backward southerners is cliché enough but this guy is “singleminded” even to northerners, says the lede?? — goody. I know what THAT means between the lines. Just when we get rid of the maniacal John Winn, we get someone even more myopic except this time without a physical excuse for his blindness. And maybe he started as a principal in FL before fashioning himself into a national tour de force but he’s not coming from inside, like a must-hire. We’re CHOOSING to do this to ourselves, god help the children.

But at least it wasn’t the truly scary wacko anti-science lady from Minnesota.
She’s an even worse cliché — or maybe the precise word I want here is “archetype” hmmm, need to do a little reading and thinking on that. Glad this isn’t a forced choice vocabulary test that will decide my future . . .

9 10 2007

Heart in shoes for the kids:

He views education as a science as much as an art. Words like “systems,” “structures” and “data” peppered his answers to Monday’s interview questions.

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