Generation Rx Through Favorite Daughter’s Viewfinder

18 08 2007

It’s been a long, hot summer without FavD’s power of story but she’s saddling up again with “Don’t Need No Drugs to Calm Me”:


My mom related to me a harrowing tale of sitting amongst a group of 12 to 13-year-olds we know.

“And they were all just one-upping each other about how many drugs they took,” she said. “It was, oh, I take this for my anxiety, and when I can’t sleep my mom gives me benadryl, and one of them was talking about how when she had to get a shot she screamed so much that eleven nurses had to hold her down, so now they have to give her something before she gets the shot to calm her down…..”

I think this last is the most superfluous of all these superfluous drugs. . . if I protested getting a shot my mother would jerk me back home so fast my head would spin, and that the car ride there would consist entirely of a discussion about how grievously I embarrassed her. That’s Southern discipline: you do not embarrass your mama. . .

But not today. Today you give your children anti-anxiety drugs so that they won’t be anxious about how many drugs they take. . .



One response

22 08 2007

Haha! Glad she has such strong opinions about the topic. I am especially pleased to hear that she knows you would brook no nonsense over embarassment. I’m working on conveying that message to my younger ones at the moment!

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