Real-Life Education Minister Rivals Evil Schoolmarm in Harry Potter Movie

23 08 2007

or so says Australia’s National Union of Students.

The student union says federal Education Minister Julie Bishop is like the character in the latest movie [Dolores Umbridge] who takes over the wizard school and implements a series of ideological changes.

Upon which Umbridge-Bishop retorted tartly that students couldn’t be trusted to know what was good for them and they were a bunch of negative whiners (I’m paraphrasing but still) so ungrateful for their nationalized education, that they should be called the National Union of Slytherins.


Hey, maybe she should hook up with Old Lady Wheelwright?


And don’t even get me started on NCLB-spellcasting control freaks like Clinton and Pelosi. If there’s anything feminists should disavow rather than flaunt imo, it’s this all-too-real, all too evil fiction of empowered schoolmarm as liberal, democratic or any kind of social progress.


(More Umbridge-Wheelwright-Bishop mocking here and here.)



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23 08 2007

Because if you let it be progressive when feminist women do it, it’s that much harder to survive the curse of conservative men doing the same thing:

. . .personally I’d rather interpret power of story with blue versus green memes, than try to make sense of religious wars [and school evils] by poring over holy prophecy [and nationalized curricula] as written by men to be beaten into women and children.

21 11 2007
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