“Expelled”: Another Comedian Craving Credibility of Drama?

24 08 2007

Will his upcoming issue movie “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” seriously cast ID-ealogues as champions of academic freedom, the persecuted victims of evil scientists and power-mad professors in super-atheist academe? Has Ben Stein, once the out-of-touch teacher in Ferris Bueller’s coma-inducing high school classroom, now typecast himself in the same role for real life? Are we teetering on America’s Rational Edge being pushed into the abyss by legalistic scrambles of sophist distortions served up to put us back in our divine place as mere creatures?

See trailers here.

The movie’s official website compares Expelled to Fahrenheit 9/11 and An Inconvenient Truth, but on a “controversial” scale rather than a “credibility” scale. I think maybe the credibility comparison will prove apt.

Here’s what the Discovery Institute thinks.
Here’s what the Skeptic Friends Network thinks.
Here’s what first came to my mind.
What do you think?



3 responses

24 08 2007

Ben Stein’s (supposedly personal) blog is here and there are already 339 passionate responses . . .

24 08 2007
Nance Confer

Sounds like a waste of a trip to the movie theater to me. Maybe it’s a spoof and we just don’t get it?


12 03 2008
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