Blame the Parents, Part Two (or 200, whatever)

5 09 2007


Ed Balls: ‘We need a more united front against poor behaviour’

The move represents a dramatic escalation of the Government’s hardline policy on yobbish behaviour and problem parents. Parents also face a criminal record and possible £1,000 fine if children are found roaming the streets after being excluded from school.
. . .teachers welcomed the move: “Parents need to understand their responsibilities if their children are undermining the lives of teachers and their pupils. The most important message for teachers however is that they now have a legal right to discipline. No longer can a parent challenge a teacher’s decision to discipline. That is the main message that should go to schools in the new school year”.

Meanwhile, the Government also announced that all secondary school
children would have lessons in “happiness” and emotional wellbeing to
help improve discipline in the classroom. . .

We must be living in the End Times of Compulsory Schooling, there’s no other explanation . . .see also “Why Not Paddle Naughty Parents?”

There’s no protection from it I can see, once parents accept the authority of School over their family lives. It extends the meaning of getting “sent to the office” to the whole clan, in a way that seems quite logical and legal once you accept the original premise that School controls society rather than the other way around, and it’s for our own good.

So all you parents out there, do what you’re told and then sit down and shut up, unless you want me to fix it so you can’t sit down for a week . . .



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