Sad but true, gifted kids like horses are looked in the mouth

6 09 2007

. . .or something like that!

So the power of this story is that given enough nature, you get no nurture at all?

“Ms. Fish,” he said, “Could you please not tell our teachers next year who the GT kids are until a few weeks into school? That way we can at least get called on when we raise our hands for a short time…”

The other kids in the group immediately chimed in with their agreement to his request.

Perhaps part perception, part reality, but their explanation was a bit heart wrenching. The kids all said (as it seems to them, at least) that once the teachers (not all of them, but at least some of them) know who the gifted kids are in the class, they quit calling on them when they raise their hands. . .

More gifted and talented woes from the new school year here, in case you missed it the first time around.

And this just in! Tiny Cat Pants objects to homeschool mom and former school board member Kay Brooks saying high school should be for the brightest kids, who really want and need it academically. Auntie B seems to think everybody BUT the whitest, brightest kids need and deserve public schooling, talk about class warfare:

We’re going to look at twelve and thirteen year old kids and decide that educating them is a waste? . . .This is about keeping poor people in their place, denying us the educations we need to better our lives, in order to keep us stupid, compliant, and disenfranchised. The public school system, for all its problems, is a powerful tool for equality.
I can only assume that’s why some folks are working so hard to undermine it at every turn.

Sigh. I don’t think she heard a thing Kay really said or meant, over that agenda bell ringing in her ears.
I’m neither liberal, conservative nor (anything but culturally) Christian, but I was and continue to be academically gifted and talented. I learned (IN PUBLIC SCHOOL all right, through endless remediation!) that “equality” is downright wicked when it resorts to bringing down the top, rather than lifting up the bottom. Kinda like working, childless young feminism would subjugate SAHMs and homeschoolers to set us “free” to march in step with their agenda “for” us — now there’s a lesson in public socialization and identity politics masquerading as education, hard for any education-loving, thinking person to forget or forgive.

What we do know (not hypothetically or rhetorically) is that the kids being looked straight at, and then discouraged from participating in their own “public” education — those being made to feel that educating them is a “waste” –are the gifted kids, who really want the education for its own sake because like the gifted writers, musicians and/or artists they also tend to be, they MUST think and learn, create and express; it’s not an option any more than breathing is a choice. Read the rest of this entry »