It Sure Looked Like Chicken Pox . . .

18 09 2007

and so we had an off-balance weekend, knowing not to emergency-call the pediatrician, but not quite knowing what TO do and feeling there ought to be something or other.

I decided it must be chicken pox, mostly so I could hold back the discomfort of not knowing. Young Son and FavD were both vaccinated against chicken pox years ago, but it seems there’s a one in ten chance of getting a mild case, anyway. I figured if that’s what it was, oh well, nothing much to do or not do. My coping strategy.
But by Monday morning it was changing fast, more poxy-looking in some places, clearing up already in others. Palms of his hands the scariest. We were smuggled in the secret back door of the pediatrician’s office, so as not to alarm or potentially infect innocent townsfolk.

[I thought snarkily to myself, townsfolk evidently not so concerned when Young Son was the innocent being infected by the unknown and contagious! I know, I know — those culprits, if ideed there were culprits, didn’t know they didn’t know, but we did. . . ]

We were held in a somewhat tense isolation area until, under the practiced eye of a childhood disease vet and father of five himself, we knew more clearly what we did not know. Relief mixed with renewed anxiety at the same time. Not chicken pox, but what was it? Dunno. A specialist was found and alerted, agreed to work us in for an exam early this morning — dermatology, thank goodness, not some exotic quarantined federal CDC facility! 🙂

This morning the poxy proxies were different again but not exactly better, so we went in. Young Son has improbably had his first biopsy now, and I had to call the piano tuner to tell him we’d be late.

I think — do not know — that even in my ignorance both sensitive, complex expressive instruments are gonna be fine. But how? I don’t know, it’s a mystery.




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18 09 2007

Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon.

18 09 2007

Hey, Alasandra, thanks. He actually feels great, it’s weird. I’ll post tomorrow after we get the word about whatever it is and whatever it means, if anything. 🙂

p.s. oh and the piano is, um, fit as a fiddle? — already!

18 09 2007
Not June Cleaver

Oh gee, I hope it is something simple to fix. We had an outbreak of scabies at the gym daycare. That causes bumps on palms, but it doesn’t sound like that is his problem (probably wouldn’t be so quick to come and go in places). Hope he’s not too uncomfortable!

FYI, we recently took two of our kids for their well visits and were told that the early chicken pox vaccines didn’t work and now they are recommending a booster for kids immunized before a certain date.

18 09 2007

Aha, thanks, I’ll check into that vaccine date issue then, when we get past this outbreak of whatever –, do you happen to know when it was? My kids’ were in late 96 I think.

19 09 2007
Not June Cleaver

I don’t think there is a specific date. I must have understood the doctor incorrectly. When I looked it up, it says they are now recommending a booster for all people vaccinated.

19 09 2007

About the mention of scabies [shudder!] — first it was the snake, and now I have this awful picture in my head. This is the vivid and terrifying stuff that makes me want protection FROM the environment more than wanting to protect it from me —

19 09 2007
Not June Cleaver

Oh the scabies scare freaked me out!! Luckily we didn’t catch it. I was scared to take my kids to the daycare and stopped going FOR A YEAR. Kept paying though. 😉

19 09 2007

I do wish they would call with the lab results already —
The thinking was that barring vasculitis (which would need steroid treatment) it’s one of a hundred viral things similar to chicken pox and it doesn’t much matter which. You know how colds are really different germs and not all the same thing? Appparently “pox” are like that; we’ve focused on a couple of them and named them and developed vaccines but there are lots of others.

19 09 2007

Good luck getting the mystery cleared up, JJ.

Our oldest had ‘chicken pox’ three times — must’ve been those different strains.

1st time, he was covered!.
2nd time, the doctor told me that it couldn’t have been chicken pox the 1st time. (yeah, right)
3rd time, he was ‘scratching mosquito bites’ in February — in Frankfurt, Germany. I had enough of getting yelled at by the 2nd doctor, so I told him just to stay home, and we left it at that.

The younger crew had it twice.

Again, *good luck*.

19 09 2007

Thanks all, no word today after all, but he’s still feeling dandy.

24 09 2007

Just got word — it was a pox with no name. 🙂
One of those non-specific viral conditions, no worries, and it’s almost all gone anyway.

Thanks all, for following it with us . . .

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