Civic Literacy Best Learned at Home

21 09 2007

. . .informally, among family!

So much for public school defenders like Professors Reich and Apple, with their perverse theories about home education jeopardizing American civics and citizenship. (to open and read any NHEN forums, just hit “printer-friendly” in the upper right of screen.)

Forget theory, let’s look at the hard data. Your child is so smart and so good at taking multiple choice tests like the SAT that, schooled or unschooled, the Ivy League beckons — say Princeton or Yale.

But what you’ll get for that sky-high tuition and possibly a crushing debt load for the whole family, may be civic and economic “unlearning” (no, not unschooling — unLEARNING, schooling that literally takes one’s education backward, growing less learned with each year you spend with your face buried in the Ivy.)

That’s the opposite of value added — call it value subtracted.  Too bad the most thoroughly schooled folks will have trouble understanding this basic economic principle!

COD has more on the Civic Literacy Report. Take the 60-question quiz yourself; if an overblown university didn’t sabotage your actual education, you too may outscore America’s college seniors. . .