School’s Out — of Control

22 09 2007

“Johnny’s parents don’t want his first-grade teachers packing heat.”

A Medford high school teacher is arguing she has the right to carry a concealed semiautomatic pistol to her classes to protect herself from a violent ex-husband in a case certain to set off alarm bells in schools across the state. . .

And if it’s a dad? At a school football game? Or a janitor exercising his civil rights to pack heat in the elementary school little kids are forced by law and rule to attend?

Portland Public Schools has a rule that no one can bring a concealed weapon on its property, even though the district has been forced to acknowledge state law trumps its rule. That was proven when a parent brought three guns to a Lincoln High School football game in 1999. School security officers were outraged and took him into custody. But ultimately the district conceded the law was on his side.

Silly me, I always thought the law was on the side of kids entrusted to the school for education’s sake. But the kids and their education are barely an afterthought in such stories.

The gun-seeking teacher story is well-blogged here but seems to have gotten precious little attention as an education story — maybe we’re all too busy thinking about school police tasering that mouthy UF student, for felony abuse of a campus microphone?

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