Schools Re-forming Into Substitute Families

24 09 2007

“His plan is to have the schools be more than schools. They have to be substitute families . . .

It is an all-fronts, total-war strategy on what is certainly this city’s most deep-rooted social problem . . . “Insofar as one can accomplish anything in the New Orleans public school system,” said Mr. Bankston of Tulane, “he probably can accomplish something.”

So who is this transform-society-with-school-over-family hero, here to save New Orleans from itself? Maybe no surprise that it’s the same “school leader” who pioneered parent report cards, first in Chicago and then Philly — MisEducation critiqued that overreaching administrative conceit in 2003, for the parent-directed education website and NHEN.

She called her commentary, “Should Schools Decide Whether Parents Make the Grade?”

From the CNN story at the time:

. . .No other Pennsylvania school district conducts parental evaluations and it is a rare practice nationwide. The Chicago school system started a “parental checklist” program in 2000, but it was dropped a year later under a new administration.

Paul Vallas, the former Chicago schools chief who now heads the Philadelphia district, said the program was voluntary and each of Chicago’s 600 schools was given discretion to develop its own format.

“They weren’t report cards as much as they were parental advisories” he said.

The idea drew some criticism. . .

The “idea” of government grading parents drew “some criticism”?? Imagine that.
To quote Rizzo in the musical Grease, upon being caught disrespecting the heroine — some people are so touchy!



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4 10 2007
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[…] grade parents on how they dress and feed their kids, and then send home parent report cards. (See “Schools Re-forming Into Substitute Families”) The next thing that came to mind was, if schools and teachers know so much about parenting and […]

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