Junk-Free Schools Video Contest

25 09 2007

Calling All Young Filmmakers

The first Junk-Free Schools Video Contest is underway from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. This consumer advocacy group seeks short videos that will help bring healthier foods to schools.The grand prize is a $100 gift certificate for iTunes and the winning video will be showcased at the CSPI school foods Web site.
Deadline is Nov. 1.
(via WaPo food/health columns)



3 responses

26 09 2007

Well, if we eliminated the schools we’d eliminate the central point of power that the junk food companies seek to influence. All kids eating at home would likely net out in a healthier diet.

Somehow, I don’t think that video will win though!

26 09 2007

Good point. I wonder what MIGHT, though . . . apart from some rhapsodic vegetable garden montage or a nutritional rap song.

How about, oh, digestive tract simulations of how slowly junk food moves and how unappetizing the colonic action is? I saw a science program the other day with Favorite Daughter like that, I think called the Truth About Food, and it said obese people can have up to THIRTY POUNDS of semi-digested, rotting junk food just sitting in their guts. Now that’s entertainment! 😉

Also last week we saw on a BBC program (maybe the same one? can’t remember) something kids could do for a video — 12 people were put into a primate habitat at the zoo, and fed what they called an “evolution diet.” Big buckets of raw fruits and veggies. They were fun to watch squatting and chomping away, with their soft city bodies and prim British accents in between bites, as they were interviewed about how it felt to be such animals.

26 09 2007

I just had another out-of-the-cardboard-box thought: the Biggest Loser contestants don’t have a chef at their training camp, apparently. I read an interview that says they have to learn to make the right choices from good ingredients in a really great kitchen provided to them, and then they each do their own food preparation, which in turn affects the results of their “competititon” to build muscle and lose fat.

What if schools took that approach, a more DIY creative kitchen lab rather than a lunchroom-cafeteria service? It certainly is life-or-death learning! I know, I know, there would be a zillion administrative problems with it but the CONCEPT of making it more like home reality, so that they learn actively instead of being forcefed packaged junk OR government commodity surplus, would be a great metaphor for school reform and I’m talking food for thought in every class now, not just food-food between classes . . .

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