Unity08 and Sam Waterston On “Colbert Report” Tonight!

26 09 2007

Sam Waterston, Emmy-winning actor and Unity08 spokesperson,

will be on The Colbert Report

Wednesday, September 26 at 11:30pm ET.





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27 09 2007

Here’s a real-time local initiative to create a similar community forum along these same civil, post-partisan, good self-government lines: “The Big Idea at the Village Square”

“Our lives begin to end when we stop talking about things that matter.”
Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our ancestors were willing to spill their blood for their audacious belief in self-governance, so great was their determination that when citizens can learn the facts, talk to each other and think for themselves, they come up with some pretty good ideas and can be their own bosses.

What happens to The Big Idea, though, if citizens aren’t learning facts but distortions, if they aren’t thinking for themselves so much as they’re group “thinking” and, worst of all, if they aren’t talking to each other but are yelling, hitting and stomping on toes? What kind of bosses do they make then?

We seem to be raising a generation who’ve only heard half an argument in a country that requires citizens to understand a whole one. How do you think they’re going to do when it’s their turn to take care of The Big Idea ?

27 09 2007

The logo they chose is three flying pigs. 😉

27 09 2007

Introducing The Village Square, Tallahassee

The Village Square is a diverse group of your neighbors gathering in an effort to improve the civility and factual accuracy of the political debate in America.
We’re going to start right here in Tallahassee, so please join us for what we think will become a unique, entertaining and constructive American conversation.

27 09 2007

The Village Square founders are being interviewed on the local public radio station right now and I’m listening to supplement what’s on the website.

“The American citizen’s center of gravity seems to be missing from the conversation . . .”

“We’ve lost sight that you can say something bad about an individual or a party without necessarily endorsing the other side.”

“It doesn’t mean we’ll decide to vote for the same person for president but it’s about remembering that we all want to make this a better place to live.”

They just said the project is non-profit but they will apply for some grants and accept donations. The sponsored conversations will take place as monthly dinners, with the idea that people are more convivial in that setting. Which reminds me of MisEducation inviting opponents to luncheon, and the Patricia Nelson Limerick column that inspired her to this most civil means of engagement, breaking bread together while gazing into each other’s eyes as opposed to food fights. 🙂

When I find myself puzzled and even vexed by the opinions and beliefs of other people, I invite them to have lunch.

Multiple experiments have supported what we will call, in Jeff’s honor, the Limerick Hypothesis: in the bitter contests of values and political rhetoric that characterize our times, 90 percent of the uproar is noise, and 10 percent is what the scientists call “signal,” or solid, substantive information that will reward study and interpretation.

If we could eliminate much of the noise, we might find that the actual, meaningful disagreements are on a scale we can manage.

To put this hypothesis to the test,
we will now apply it to two well-known people who are not, at this moment, friends. . .

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