Bible Illiteracy and The Public’s Right to Know

1 10 2007

Opinion/Ideas in Boston Globe, “Raiders of the Faux Ark”:

. . .At a time when the world is increasingly divided by religion, both domestically and internationally, and when many people are biblically illiterate, legitimate inquiries into the common origins of religions have never been more important. I believe that the public deserves – and wants – better. We have an obligation to challenge the lies and the hype, to share the real data, so that the public discussion can be an informed one. . .

It is not religious views that are the issue here; it is whether good science is being done. Biblical archeology is a field in which people of good will, and all religions, can join under the banner of the scientific process.



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1 10 2007

Neat find. I’ve tended to discount the history in the bible. Of course I’d always yammer on about not looking at the bible with a binary frame of mind and realizing that it’s a complicated book full of different genres…But ultimately I’d consigned most of it to myth. When we listened to Story of the World and Joseph or the Exodus was mentioned I’d roll my eyes.

I think that though I’d been skeptical of the ridiculous crowd of pseudo-archaeologists mentioned in the article I had STILL let them shape my thought and assumed that because they were idiots, all who looked for history in the bible were. I had to face my assumption when I listened to a lecture series on Ancient Egypt by a respected egyptologist who pointed out some interesting internal evidence from the bible that seemed to show there might well be something to stories like the Exodus. And now the article with some interesting points.

Of course we still have to remember that King Sargon of the Akkadian floated down a river in a basket before Moses ever did. And 600,000 thousand jews coming out of Egypt is a ridiculously huge number. There’s a lot of myth there.

Still, I think I let the quacks blind me. Shame on me.

14 09 2010
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