Favorite Daughter, Santa Claus and a College Newspaper’s Catfight

1 10 2007

From FavD’s college campus, a blogpost written on the laptop she just bought with money she earned, and carries around in a black Abbey Road Beatles book bag, snugged in a neoprene sleeve:


I have a theory that exposed to the world’s religions, both ancient and modern, your standard eight-year-old would call bullshit in about an hour, if that. Hell, the various creation myths are so clearly derived from one another, I don’t know how adults fail to notice. Kids are really more logical than you’d think — they may believe in magic, but their magic plays by clearly defined, sensible rules. Prime example, my younger brother, who we are trying to wean off Santa Claus this year. . .

Btw, this weekend FavD auditioned for, and was cast in, the singing, dancing ensemble for the January production of a gritty journalism musical called “Sweet Smell of Success” — nicknamed Smell around here — set in the edgy jazz, corrupt film-noir culture of the 1950s. She’s also been named Dance Captain. Rehearsals start tomorrow night.

John Lithgow won the Tony award for his starring role in Smell as all-powerful celebrity gossip columnist “JJ” (good name, right?) and there are a couple of strong female leads. The newspaper ink gets smeared on everyone by the end. The storyline of this story imo, is the power of newspapers right or wrong, to define the power of every story — which as it turns out in this story, isn’t just about money but literally life and death.

Probably due to my own shady past in journalism and “public information” work, the song from this show I learned first and easiest, is “Dirt:”

Dirt — it’s an animal need.
I don’t pick up the paper for the sports or the news,
Those ain’t the “sports” that I choose!

The real world of journalism can be SO educational, not to mention musical theatre. . . oh, and college too.





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