Looks Like Gators Are Gone Gone Gone, Too

7 10 2007

After playing so well with such heart, what a heartbreaking way to “lose” although I’m finally well-educated enough to know it doesn’t make us “losers” — not unless we let school rules and rivalries define us as mere players of Their Game:

Institutional education has been a volatile intersection of chaotic emotion for my whole lifetime. . . Education is not about closing ranks to protect programs and institutions against the individual needs of the students they exist to serve.

At least the UF students didn’t earn a good tasering from school officials for falling short of perfect performance, and at least you can’t blame the homeschooled kid for not taking the Games of School sufficiently to heart:

Tim Tebow, one of the new Gator stars, was homeschooled in Florida, by the way — and played sports at school under our congenial, nondiscriminatory laws . . .

And just wait ’til next year!!!