Schlesinger: Abandon Subjects That Are Not For You!

8 10 2007

Excellent lifelong learning counsel, from a source few schoolfolk would dare dismiss:

When Schlesinger turned 60, he became more aware of his age. After a trip to the cathedral in Florence, he wrote: “As I went into the Duomo, it occurred to me that I have been visiting churches in Europe for 45 years, and that they have really done very little for me — my fault, not theirs, of course; but there it is. Why should I waste my declining years going into churches?

. . . I will simplify life by abandoning the inspection of churches, as in earlier years I have abandoned ballet, metaphysics, linguistics and other subjects that, however estimable, are, alas, not for me.

Violent Video Games of God Get Teens to Church on Time

8 10 2007

“Teens are our ‘fish,” he wrote. “So we’ve become creative in baiting
our hooks.”
. . .The alliance of popular culture and evangelism is challenging churches much as bingo games did in the 1960s. And the question fits into a rich debate about how far churches should go to reach young people.

p.s. — there goes Minnesota again! A cultural case study for us all? I’m bored with LA, NYC and the Bible Belt anyway.

It’s quite clear even when it’s cloudy, that going on the warpath over words ends badly, and leaves behind a populace no more enlightened than it ever was, much less than it could have been.
Glad we cleared that up! Have a bright week and clear sailing, whoever and wherever you really are . . .

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