“Homeschool” Becomes Hot New Record Label (Are You Scared?)

9 10 2007

“Thoughtful action versus mere words!”
“Authenticity, an independent spirit . . ”

I’ve seen worse definitions of homeschool, even from the “We Stand for Homeschooling” crowd —

“I was homeschooled as a kid — my parents taught me and my brothers at home for a while,” he explained. “The idea is having this home factory of making music, where there’s attention to detail and an authenticity, a soulfulness, to it. There’s an independent spirit to it. That’s the reason for the name.”

John Legend is a Penn grad, went to conventional high school before that, but schooling isn’t what makes him good at music much less a compassionate citizen of the world; the African-American culture of gospel singing probably deserves more credit than any “schooling” he got at home OR school. Even the anti-homeschool ideologue Michael Apple might approve! 😉

Legend’s “ShowMe Campaign” defines homeschool-worthy principles beyond home — the power of individuals committed to making a difference in the world, fighting economic AND spiritual poverty by fostering sustainable development (personal, social, educational, economic) at the individual, family and small community levels. Because we all have responsibilities to address our collective future.

Even his own words (set to music!) in a thumbnail bio about not being defined by his Grammy awards and meteoric success — before his 30th birthday! — would make a fine “educational” definition of homeschooling contrasted with compulsion, regulation and standardization:

“I didn’t even know the original. I just knew . . . I wanted to write to it. I started mumbling along to it, finding my place in the melody — and it worked for me.

Legend plans for his “Homeschool” label to collaborate with creative and original talents who well-schooled or not, are household names completely outside of schooling and credentialing, socialization, systems and data and patriarchal rule:

“I’ll be writing with Whitney Houston and Jennifer Hudson. … If it comes out hot, it will make the album. If not, then it will just be an experience.”

— John Legend

Hey, “Unschool” might have been an even better label! 😉



3 responses

10 10 2007

“Power of Story Is Layered, Even in Scripture” all about making your own meaning from (and for) chapter and verse:

I googled silent Christian contemplation and was amazed.

. . .even writing about not using words is fraught with word-meaning confusions. The very first link I opened used the phrase “corporate worship!”

Wow, the homeschooling clarity movement would HATE that confusing use of layered words, I thought . . .

HOME EDUCATION is like that, for us. Impossible to reduce to mere words, especially words issued by literalists to tell one circumscribed, legalistic version of the real story.

Do some “Christians” feel the same way these days, I really wonder, that they are being limited and defined by the least among them, those who can’t understand and believe in many stories on many levels at once, cannot comprehend ambiguity and connected dots in a grand curve of their own interpretation, also just can’t live and let live, must impose the letter of their law on everyone along one straight line? (no curves allowed!)

10 10 2007

In answer to your last question, at times, yes. However, I am “blessed” to know others who are are working to maintain their individual faith journeys. I know some IRL, and others through the on-line unschooling community.

31 03 2008

Estelle – ‘Shine’ (Atlantic/ Homeschool label)
Released 31/03/08

“a highly polished album bursting with fantastic tracks…”

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