Racist Incident Roils PA High School – Gimme That Old-Time Socialization

11 10 2007

Especially for Alasandra — we’ve been grumbling and snarking because, if you listen to the talking heads with their incessant literal and media megaphones, only the South has a real race problem. So if there are detestable “school socialization” difficulties elsewhere, it’s still probably our fault, for setting a bad example!

(AP) LITITZ, Pa.- For years, a clique of high school students in this prosperous and overwhelmingly white borough have worn clothes adorned with Confederate flags and parked their pickups in a section of the school parking lot known as “redneck row.”

The display, some parents of minority students say, was just one symptom of festering racism that school officials ignored until animosities boiled over last week.

. . .The “disturbing and repulsive” Oct. 3 confrontation was a “wake-up call” for Warwick High School said Superintendent John George.

“Perhaps we were lulled into a false sense that our school district was immune to racism and bigotry,” he said. Read the rest of this entry »