Ignore the Noose and Sap Racism’s Power

16 10 2007

Listen to this NPR story by John McWhorter
Author of “Authentically Black”


“In light of the resurgence of nooses appearing in places like Jena, La., and Columbia University’s Teacher’s College, here’s a modest proposal: The next time somebody plants a noose, let’s just ignore it. Perhaps paying less attention to these acts will take away their racist power. . .”



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16 10 2007

There was a similar discussion in my town recently. Following an extremely brutal double murder, the KKK has decided that the black perpetrators committed this crime on the white victims because of race. The police have no reason to think this is true, yet the KKK decided they should pay our town a visit. Before leaving, they were nice enough to let us know when they were coming back.

So the discussion, knowing they were coming, was, do we just ignore them, or do we stage a counter protest. And when I say “we” I mean people other than me who would actually go to a protest.

What ended up happening was a bunch of people dressed as clowns, many basing their costumes on klan type attire, and raised hell and pissed off the klan, pushing them so far that the leader of the KKK faction was soon arrested. His klan buddies tried to keep up for a bit but were unable to get their message past the clowns.

As far as the nooses, at some point they should be punishable through legal channels, certainly those at schools should be due to using race as a means to give a certain group some power over others. Fear can do all sorts of things to people. Then it comes to nooses on private property, such as cars. At this point your facing something else all together.

Doing nothing will not solve the problem, and if nothing else this sort of thing should be a clue and reminder that we are not a country free of racism. Do too much and all the real issues are lost in a fog of noise and grandstanding and rhetoric that tends to bring the clash of races that prevents people from just honestly dealing with each other.

16 10 2007

I remember you posting that, sam! Thinking it could be one of those made-for-tv movies about what happened when the remnants of the Klan came to call. Clowns — what could’ve been more perfect, considering.

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