Stereotyping Homeschoolers Hurts, Even Justified as Counterdependence

17 10 2007

(moving up comment from racial stereotype thread)

So I was checking out the Situationist links, starting with “Your Group is Bad at Math” detailing how college women good at math are seriously undermined if they’re set up in advance by the responsibility of representing their whole “group” well against social stereotype.

It made me wonder if homeschool moms good at parenting and parent-protected education for their own kids, are undermined by feeling the similar responsibility to represent homeschooling well, against social stereotype.

Do certain homeschool “advocates” inflict performance anxiety and subsequent failure on each other INSIDE the community, by persistently defining certain choices with stereotypically high stakes, as if any homeschooler experimenting with coursework or hybrid programs drives a stake through the heart of the entire group?

Is it really “support” and “information” to put newbies on notice that the future of homeschool independence depends on them — or will that very pressure itself sabotage their ability to perform as the independent, confident individuals we all want to help each other remain?

This comment really got to me, I guess:

“Bipolars always go off their meds.” — told you by numerous people when you are diagnosed in your 20’s. You never go off your meds to defeat the stereotype, your kidneys die because you won’t go off your meds, turns out you aren’t even bipolar.

Moral of story: counter-dependence isn’t a good life plan.




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