NHEN’s Laura Derrick Comes Up for Air at Daryl’s

21 10 2007

. . .and she’s a breath OF fresh air too, talking candidly about how she helps reporters and editorial boards arrive at the right position — 😉 — on homeschool regulation and related issues.

. . .I try to introduce them to a variety of families, so they can see for themselves that we’re not all alike. . . there’s a risk every time we open our mouths, but on balance, I’ve seen coverage get markedly better, and people’s perceptions of homeschooling improve.

The bottom line for me is doing something that helps create a healthy climate for homeschooling, and I’m willing to keep doing it as long as it’s still effective. I’ve gotten more bold over the years about speaking my mind, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop getting gut-wrenchingly nervous.

NHEN‘s truly intelligent design reflects the discernment sorely lacking in most political advocacy and public policy conflict nowadays. During the maddeningly self-destructive years among ourselves online, it often seemed our home education community didn’t deserve Laura and NHEN. But lucky for us, we nevertheless get their unconventional, uncompromised and uncompensated best — whether or not we appreciate it or will acknowledge it — out in the real world of public opinion working for ALL of us, articulating and protecting our private right to home-educate however we see fit.

Btw, here’s something valuable in understanding the media and getting the media to understand us, posted in NHEN’s legislative forums in 2005:

Being profit-driven, the media respond
to the actual demands of their audience rather than to the
idealized “thirst for knowledge” demand posited by public
intellectuals and deans of journalism schools.

The public’s
interest in factual accuracy is less an interest in truth
than a delight in the unmasking of the opposition’s errors.
The limited consumer interest in the truth is the key to
understanding why both left and right can plausibly denounce
the same media for being biased in favor of the other. . .



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