How Do Believers Explain Unintelligent Design . . .

22 10 2007

not to mention comic relief and and irreducible error?

. . . so far there has been no contribution from the believers in Development of Unintelligent Design (DUD).

Examples of this in human anatomy include: the appendix, which has no known function but if it gets infected it can kill you; the windpipe being next to the gullet means choking is not uncommon (whales, it would appear, have better luck); our genome is littered with “jumping” genes (parasitic DNA) that can cause genetic diseases; the female pelvis, as a consequence of walking upright, has made giving birth more dangerous for women than for any other primate; structural weaknesses in the feet are a result of walking on the “wrists” of our lower limbs; our retinas are prone to detachment.

There are at least 15 further examples of DUD in the human anatomy. They are either evolution’s greatest mistakes or God’s greatest mistakes.

But which?

Letter to Editor, George Baxter Smith, Harlaw, Jamestown, Strathpeffer.