Hillary the Pentagonator

2 11 2007

You all know I’m a champion for complex connections and all sorts of bridges. I prefer the continuum, the spectrum and the double helix spiral over any binary forced choice — but even I know it can be taken to extremes! (Plus which, I’m not claiming to be the best next president available.)

. . . she’s cagey to a fault.

At times, Hillary’s relationship to nuance borders on compulsion more than wisdom. If her husband triangulated, she pentagonates. She’s been working so many sides for so long that she seems incapable of yes or no. . .

Sleep Again: Daylight Saving Time Means to the Wrong End

2 11 2007

It just gets longer as my tolerance for it gets shorter. No, not school encroaching on our time this time — my gripe is the escalating legislative manipulation of our biological and social clocks for the bald-faced benefit of government and commerce, to the equally obvious detriment of human health. Especially children’s health.

And then justifying it all as good for the kids! Even as government debates education, obesity concerns and health care coverage FOR children, it ignores this business-pandering example of what government does TO children.

Halloween trick-or-treating was actually touted by the Congressional co-sponsor of lengthening Daylight Switcheroo Time again, I kid you not. Now that’s a real fright — surely even Politically Correct Citizens and CEOs Thinking Highly of Halloween don’t imagine there’s anything about stuffing oneself silly with candy and adrenalin on a school night, that furthers society’s education goals, sleep health or the war on childhood obesity?


Of course the whole structure of clockkeeping for control, curriculum, church and commerce is contrived in the first place, but daylight savings time — the name itself so clearly absurd it ought to be actionable as fraud — saves nothing, makes nothing, builds nothing. It intends to tamper with nature, exert man’s law over the environment and declare victory; better than real is the point! A blithe government lie that adds insult to injury imo.

Sydney Spiesel is associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Yale University’s School of Medicine, writing for Slate as “The Medical Examiner”: Read the rest of this entry »