My Problem With “Homeschool Blog Awards” Is That They Aren’t

12 11 2007

. . .aren’t really “homeschool” blogging, I mean. Unmodified, that word is a term so broad as to arguably encompass most education blogs and parenting blogs, certainly all “education-by-parent” blogs.

We homeschoolers never could reach consensus on terminology to categorize us neatly, and it’s off-putting to see concrete barriers popping up throughout our community as if we had done.

Last year, I cheerfully nominated unschooled Favorite Daughter’s first blog for one of the “Homeschool Blog Awards” purely because I thought it would be fun for her. I didn’t object to the name. I believed the intent was cross-pollination, inclusive and reasonably value-neutral nominating and judging, not pushing one view of homeschooling or parenting and certainly not linking homeschooling to one religion, one world view, one style of parenting — much less one manner of expressing our deepest human desires including sexuality.

Still I did feel the need to try and define the process my own way. I live in eternal hope, so here’s what I wrote then at Culture Kitchen about the Homeschool Blog Awards.
We now agree it was indeed educational but we also don’t need to repeat the lesson:

There’s no category called “Best Feminist Teen” in the homeschool blog awards, but I wish there were. And I wish there were thousands upon thousands of strong contenders for it, harmonizing with Favorite Daughter’s young voice in the alternative education blog-hersphere.

But I get the uncomfortable feeling she may be pretty much the sole standard bearer for that, writing on such a sharp cutting edge that few will even find her point of view to consider it, much less join her. She just doesn’t fit comfortably into the curriculum-based Christian conversations and patriarchal perspectives that seem to dominate homeschooling both online and off. And doesn’t want to.

Her olive oil essay about purity balls really spoke to many of you non-homeschool types ABOUT homeschool types, but you can well imagine it’s the kind of thing that would hurt her more than help her in building and reaching a homeschool following! So if you find Favorite Daughter’s writing worth a vote to help bring her fresh eyeballs and keep her unique view engaged in the conversation, please take a minute right now (or sometime this week before voting ends) and give her your click here.

And before you do, you might enjoy reading HER appeal for your vote: Read the rest of this entry »

Snook’s Reading Level High But Hardly Harvard

12 11 2007

. . .and hardly school!

Snook gets tagged as more cogitation than socialization — we just won a Homeschool Blog Award as the place to learn unusual words, yay us! –so I felt sure our intertubes “reading level” would rank right up there with the language of post-doctoral international diplomacy or something.


I’m also apparently not so smart because the whole thing seems to be a hidden advertisement for cash advances of some kind. So if you test your blog and copy the image code for pasting as I did, be sure to scrutinize it first. I figured Chris knew what he was doing so I’d risk it, which may be another sign my intellectual reputation exceeds my actual intelligence but hey! At least I can cover it up well with big words. 😉

(And at least we beat COD’s blog which might mollify us through the off-season, and we can always nurse a grudge about the officiating! And just wait’ll next year . . .)