We Had a Tough (and Schoolish) Unschooling Weekend. . .

19 11 2007

because, imo, we spent it in school-world and it felt like my whole family (me, both kids and their dad) were being absorbed by the Borg.

Mere cogs in the Great Edu-Competitive Corporate Complex.

Do y’all get that head-pounding cognitive dissonance when you go away to these schoolish competitive weekends, you know, whatever it is that your kids love so much that you make it happen for them and do it with them, sports and martial arts, dance, horse shows, spelling bees and brain bowls or whatever? I’d love to hear your thoughts. . .

Maybe it’s just because I’m older than the average parent of kids my kids’ ages, but I spent the whole weekend feeling but suppressing the fight-or-flight instinct, almost did both at the same time — and the effort of not doing either one while restraining their dad too, almost made my head explode.

I guess I could use a little talk therapy, a little help from my unschooling friends?

Video Games Bonanza Site, Save This Link!

19 11 2007

Is PBS a credible enough source for whoever in your child’s life clucks disapprovingly at screen time? Click here now — don’t wait, your child’s education and entire future could be at stake! 🙂

My favorite moment in the article is when the author is showing his seven-year-old nephew the SimCity neighborhood that he built. When the author notes that he’s having problem getting a certain area with factories to come back to life, the boy turns to him and says, “I think you need to lower your industrial tax rates.”