Harry Potter and Real-World Unforgivable Curses

21 11 2007

Each generation must re-create the rule of law for itself, and:

“Literature shapes law,” declares Aaron Schwabach.
“For every real-life model of advocacy, adjudicative, and rule-making roles that the average first-year law student has, there are a hundred fictional models, from Atticus Finch to, well, Albus Dumbledore.”

. . . Snicker if you like, but Schwabach’s assertion that “For millions of readers, especially younger readers, the legal regime of Harry’s world will form expectations about legal regimes in Mugglespace,” is entirely defensible.



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21 11 2007

I just commented at Colleen’s that the most angry I think I ever saw my kids’ dad, was when he heard his mom telling our little girl that girls weren’t as good at math as boys.

Isn’t that a sort of unforgivable curse? And if a school does it by force of law, isn’t it a thousand times worse? — not just one well-meaning old lady who loves us, but an entire nation’s system of values, rules, laws and economics impersonally crushing a child. Is that not institutionalized torture of individuals even?

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