Tech-Minded Dad Understands What Our Kids Already Know

26 11 2007

Oh hai.

I can has geezerblogger now?. . .

(love the cartoon, Chris)

ParentalTech is blog about technology and kids, written for parents. Technology and internet culture are deeply ingrained into the lives of our children. This blog will help you keep up with them.”

Probably too late for me but younger, cooler parents can still be saved! Go NOW!

Thought Experiment: Unschooling Lessons for a School-Minded Dad

26 11 2007

This harebrained (or is it hair-brained? I could make either case)  idea was inspired by new unschooler Colleen wondering how to prepare a concerned dad for the disappearance of traditional academic lessons and measures. So I credit her for the idea and I did write it in the form of a letter to her, but I bear full responsibility for running amok with it based on many other dads I’ve known and read about through the years. Blame me alone for the fictional composite dad created as a result or for any glibness or generalizations you may find offensive. Any resemblance to her dear husband or any other individual, living or dead in your home or otherwise, is not intentional!


Okay. Suppose you do leave your son’s academic lessons completely aside, and stop thinking about getting him to learn a little of this or that to pacify Dad (which really doesn’t accomplish anyone’s central goals, including Dad’s.)

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Understanding Dads To Help Them Understand “Unschooling”

26 11 2007

Scott Somerville asked me last year to help him help Christian homeschooling dads begin to understand and appreciate (if not necessarily embrace) unschooling as an alternative to the traditional schoolish rules and structure with which dads so often seem more naturally comfortable.

Thanks to Colleen and her family’s quest to unschool, I just found this terrific essay for Snook’s blogroll, “An Unauthorised Guide for Unschooling Mums dealing with (still developing) Unschooling Dads”:

. . . you want to understand that guy that has become the father to your children? Here are some pointers, dare I say, “A Beginners Guide to Understanding the Average Dad”… believe me I know… I am often extraordinarily average.


. . .We Dads love focus. . .most Dads are already focused on their jobs, their career and bringing in the cash. . .why would a Dad want to suddenly break rank, flip around and swim against the current? All that effort and for what?
Yes you have all the supposed benefits but we can just see the potential pit falls. Meanwhile its drawing our focus from what is important.
. . .Yes kids are important too… but bringing them up should just be as simple as possible.

That’s why your work is cut out for you. . .

Also study popular sports, from baseball and football to NASCAR, for help understanding dad-think about education.