College Admission Advice I’ve Thought Better Than. . .

27 11 2007

What I started to comment on but thought better of it, from a homeschooling adviser and big e-list leader on college admissions (someone I don’t know and who doesn’t know me, and understandably wouldn’t want a strange unschooler challenging her “expertise”):

> If you’re giving them what they ask for, I don’t think it’s too much.
> If you’re giving them what they need to best evaluate your child, I
> don’t think it’s too much. . .
> I actually find it a good sign that the colleges are requesting all
> that info. It means they are taking homeschooled applicants
> seriously, and want both to give the HSers an even chance and to make
> sure the college selects the students who have the best chance to do
> well there
. It lets the student who took challenges shine, and the
> one who just did the minimum work take the consequences because they
> aren’t painting all HSers with the same brush.

So I will challenge it here instead! 😉
This is the most neutral, respectful response I had drafted, before I gave up and came back here: Read the rest of this entry »