O Hai, Ceiling Cat Haz Bibul Laffs for U

1 12 2007

“In teh beginnin Ceiling Cat maded teh skiez An da Urf . . .”

(snook-cock to don at the gookins via this light-heartedly irreverent church chat at Daryl’s.)


Karefull tho kittehs!

I haz fun heer but noe dis: krayz peepl tayk story as gospul law, unholy rampayg teh kill teechur fur namin teddy bar sum wurd they uz to meen Ceiling Cat.

An she wuz good gurl kitteh! Bettur than u prolly. (See “Bloodlust of Teddy Loonies”)

So dey cuhd cum gunnin fer u 2 if u just laff at dis an even if u dohnt. . .




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1 12 2007

The seminal thread was here and includes a Saturday Night Live reference or two, for those of you old enough to appreciate that kind of thing . . .

2 12 2007

datz sad.

5 12 2007
5 12 2007

I’ve just been informed by a family member who is far more hip to cyber-fads than I, that Lolcat is, like, so OLD. (I never tell him anything new)

He did just share with me a site with Lego Bible scenes, though:

20 12 2007

Hi Valerie, see my holiday blogging about the brick testament here:
Loving Legos, Stuffed With Story for Holidays”

28 05 2010
Snook Animals We’ve Known and Loved « Cocking A Snook!

[…] Ceiling Cat […]

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