Any Price Too High for “Higher” Education?

5 12 2007

Favorite Daughter wrote this about what some young folks are willing to do, to pay their college tuition.

I read something last month about college students at prestigious universities willing to sell their supposedly priceless self-governing franchise, the right to vote — forever! — in return for nothing more than getting their tuition and student loans paid off. What ARE they learning from their higher “education” and what’s the point, if not to exercise their own citizenship in progressive, productive ways that benefit themselves and society?

But was our bemusement premature? Maybe we should’ve saved it for students so committed to higher education they would commit armed robbery to pay for it.

Maybe it’s time we all reminded ourselves that the meaning of priceless “higher education” isn’t exactly this notion that no price is too high for merely seeming to possess it? And that academic freedom ought to be, if nothing else, free?