The Golden Compass Opens Today

7 12 2007

JJ’s note – We will try to see it this afternoon, not sure but we’ll
try. (Favorite Daughter is holding out for Sweeney Todd, which hasn’t opened yet. These certainly are not your father’s Christmas movies!)
NPR featured comments and mini-interviews on The Golden Compass this morning as I was
waking up. From these I gleaned :

Catholic League is calling for a boycott – afraid kids will read the
books and become anti-Catholic

True, it’s a great adventure story, but it may promote atheism and
denigrate great religions of the world

“The Magisterium” is a real institution, literally is ‘The Teaching Authority” of the Catholic Church. Pullman makes it his fictional evil empire in the books; the movie secularizes it somewhat but it’s really sinister, secular or not

one woman (sorry, missed her ID) sees it as a “compelling new idea of the
nature of divinity”, a layered concept adults can understand but kids
won’t – a Kansas adolescent lit prof says “to be a child is to be on the receiving end of power” and this book counters that, in the person of Lyra

Angels are major characters in the second and third books, if sequels
are made — it will be unavoidable to deal with them

The New York Times review is here. Apparently Lyra’s guardians are known as “The Scholars” and seem to be from Oxford University? Hmmm. . .this may take a whole blog-posse to dissect, feel free to jump on this horse and ride with me.