Writing Our Own Political Power of Story

29 12 2007

More Power of Story about power of story:

Mr. Mikva says Mr. Obama learned to campaign in different ways without changing the substance of what he was saying. He learned to use rhythms, analogies, “quotes that resonate better.” . . . skating nimbly among factions. . .

Home education (all education) can do that, if only we will. Parent and family advocates can do that. Feminism and progressive politics can do that, too. Even fundamentalist religion could do that.

But so far they don’t, which is why we still call them factions, fit only for individual candidates to skate between, rather than new power of story for all Americans, fit for a future full of powerful stories.

For more, see “Prez Candidates Write Their Own Stories and Ours, in Very Personal Books” and “Can Thinking Parents Save Generation Joshua?”

For even more — maybe your kids like mine are older and they’re out and about being merry this week, leaving you with some time to read and reflect — see some less sanguine thoughts about Obama’s story skating and “school socialization” and maybe this story, about one story defining everyone and everything to the point that all our stories are spoiled, including the One at issue.