The Deep Capture Hypothesis of Individuals and Institutions

1 01 2008

We talk a bunch here about Big School and Big Church, but there’s Big Business everywhere now too, which when powerful enough, can be the defining power for the culture, including “learning” and “beliefs” not apparently within its purview. So powerful institutions of all kinds do influence our hearts, heads and spirits, whether we as individuals see it or like it, or not?

As blogged here, authors Jon Hanson and David Yosifon describe a theory (whoops, no, it’s technically a hypothesis) that they call “Deep Capture”:

The most basic prediction of the “deep capture” hypothesis is that there will be a competition over the situation (including the way we think) to influence the behavior of individuals and institutions, and that those individuals, groups, entities, or institutions that are most powerful will win that competition.

All the posts in this series are drawn from the 2003 article, “The Situation” (downloadable here).