NHEN’s Laura Derrick Dropped By!

6 01 2008

And her remarks are just too good not to be pulled up top, for all to see —

It has been said that politics is the art of the possible. I believe homeschooling is the art of the everyday. It ranges from the sublime to the mundane, from incredible moments that we never could have imagined, to the simple, inevitable joys and sadnesses of living. It is how we spend our days, how we live together, what we achieve, the goals we seek, and how we learn from the experiences we’d love to have do-overs on.

It is inevitable that we will not all go about homeschooling the same way, and that we won’t have the same ideas about how to protect our right to homeschool. I think that’s a positive thing. We need diversity, and we need a wealth of ideas and strategies. Some of us will be politically active. Others may gag over politics and choose instead to give advice or comfort. Still others might be the organizers of support groups or co-ops. Some might reach out through youth groups or churches, some by writing books, blogs, newsletters, websites, or magazines, and some might make their legacy by making a positive difference for one single, lucky child. There are as many ways for homeschoolers to keep homeschooling alive and well as there are ways and reasons to homeschool.

But you know, it’s not easy to sit by when someone else takes an approach you think is particularly unproductive, or maybe one you even think is counterproductive. It happens. We’ve all been there. I’ve come to the conclusion that it won’t ruin us unless we get stuck there and stop doing what it is that we know we’re good at. Read the rest of this entry »