Hillary Going Mano Y Mano??

12 01 2008

Swear to God, I was vacuuming up tree needles after packing up holiday fiddly bits all day, turned off the roar, when what to my wondering ears should appear, but the election news guy on CNN’s “Ballot Bowl ’08” — what a stupid, sporty name for the universal franchise people kill and die to secure — chirping that it was Obama and Hillary “mano y mano” in Nevada . . . last weekend’s big news was her soft, girly tears sobbed on the stump and it worked so well she told NH with a smile she’d finally “found herself” — but this weekend she’s suddenly recast as manly in hand-to-hand combat, and nobody blinks, it isn’t even news?? Is that her story, or CNN’s, or just a Freudian flub?

And since when was Obama pugilistic either, isn’t he the peaceful rainbow candidate, why is he into hand-to-hand combat? They are both lawyers, so shouldn’t their fighting be mouth to mouth rather than hand to hand? (Did she come out or something while I was busy being domestic and literally wearing an apron, or has the MSM gone completely off the Deep End, or maybe the newsguy was riffing and he meant to call her a man instead –would that be better? — hmmm, well, it wouldn’t have insulted Obama at least, since he actually IS a man . . .)

p.s. Daryl is accepting comments about what feminists teach their daughters about Hillary as a woman and it mattering, or a woman but it doesn’t, or — whatever.

another afterthought – does either Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama have Latin heritage or speak more than politic Spanish?