Liza to Both Parties: Choice is “Progressive” at Home and School

23 01 2008

Today I found Liza’s passionate definition of homeschooling and all school choice as progressive, in conjunction with “Blog for Choice” essays I was reading. It reflects the same political connection I see, that education choices and family planning choices all belong squarely within the “the good, the true and the beautiful” no matter which party is making the political choices for us all.

. . .In this era of technological advances and global networking, in an era when MIT has open-sourced their whole curricula and where alternatives to hard-bound schooling are being thrown out the window in “the third world”, spending billions into warehousing children daily in a government sponsored building would seem anachronistic.

I am not saying that schools are not needed. I am saying though that the system of warehousing children in a school and imposing “mandatory attendance” minimums along with trying to pull out of the air “benchmarks of learning aptitude” is just utterly ridiculous.

All progressives should be for getting kids out of systems that fail them and putting the money back into not just the communities –through independent learning centers and better libraries– but back into the hands of families with part-time attendance school years, flex-time work hours and universal health care.

But no.

The fundies have actually succeeded at hijacking what would be a winner for the “open source” spirit of the web 2.0.

“Roe v Wade the Musical” Means Choosing to Live

23 01 2008

Last night’s “Boston Legal” episode was so titled. Its theme was choosing (without defining!) our own humanity and a fully lived life, in sync with Blog for Choice Day yesterday — and of particular note imo, because it turned the usual meanings and arguments upside down, to cast the real humanity in sharper relief . . .

Blog for Choice Day

Doc blogs for choice here (my comment there below.)

And this is the first anniversary of Nance blogging here for choice. 🙂

So here’s my stab at answering the 2008 question:

Why I vote pro-choice

“Mother” is a noun of identity as well as an action verb of continuous creative human volition, beyond any one discrete description of man’s science, man’s beliefs, man’s law, man’s dictionary.

Without arguing DNA or when potentiality as human life becomes “a” human life legally or spiritually, there is no argument that human life both legal and spiritual IS involved throughout — a woman (or girl) is undeniably a full-fledged thinking, feeling, autonomous human both biologically and spiritually, and when any Church or State says otherwise, it is wrong.

A living human female is no mere vessel, no test tube or incubator for man’s law to define and control through his Church or State (or by his own different human biology, for that matter.)

She IS human life and she’s continuously creating and defining the meaning of that life for herself, as she lives it, whether as a mother in any sense of the word, or not.

The meaning of “mother” integrates being and doing and choosing and accepting, both biology and belief.

The definitive book to read imo: Read the rest of this entry »