Math Is Story Too, Says Favorite Daughter

25 01 2008

Oh, I could write a whole literary review on these travesties they call “math questions.” Don’t even get me started on Lindsay, who works in a sporting goods store and apparently has nothing better to think about than how many tennis balls she’s sold today and how many of them were green and how many of them were yellow. . .




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25 01 2008

Wow. She’s amazing. Thanks for sharing.

25 01 2008

Thanks Lynn. 🙂
It pleases me to think between her and Rolfe’s intellectually omnivorous young sons, we unschoolers could refute any subject area expert’s contention that only formal schooling will do!

25 01 2008
Nance Confer

There are so many times where I want to post a link to your DD’s blog when some unschooler gets upset that their DD or DS is a great reader and doer and thinker but can’t stand math. Should I give the url for her blog or the url to this particular post or ?? Or not. 🙂


P.S. Has your DD ever read The Number Devil? Word problems are not going to be great literature but at least The Number Devil is a fun book.

P.P.S. Your DD always reminds me of my Mom with regard to math but Mom DID get caught up in the story and drifted away wondering what the hell the farmer was going to do with all that barley. . . failing many a math test and yet running her own business for decades now. 🙂

25 01 2008

Please do post away, all the links you like! I think she’d love to have readers who really were interested in how her unschooled mind works. . . 🙂

Funny you mention the Number Devil, it’s among two dozen math-as-food-for-thought books I bought as she was growing up. *I* certainly enjoyed them but all the strewing and encouraging (even a little manipulation I am ashamed of but couldn’t resist) never induced her to read it, or any of them.

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