Caroline Kennedy Goes Obama in Tomorrow’s NYT

26 01 2008

Wolf Blitzer reports, during SC primary coverage. . .

“A President Like My Father”

Also our own Governor Crist just announced his personal McCain endorsement ahead of the Florida primary Tuesday.

Parental Rights, Responsible Parenting of Sex and Potential Parenthood

26 01 2008

This time it’s not about purity balls or abstinence rings. It’s about what happens when that stuff isn’t our answer, or doesn’t work. Then what, and why?

Dana’s Principled Discovery has a discussion thread going about parental rights including whether and when our children become parents in their own right, a very broad topic in my policy analyst’s mind as well as in my unschooling mom mind. So I thought I’d continue the conversation here with all my own minds, and with any readers of a mind to, there or here. 🙂

This is neither a hijacking nor a bowing out of that conversation and company; it’s simply a way to be franker (and frankly more extensive) than I feel is polite in another blogger’s comment section.

Maybe look at it as my version of the statesman’s privilege to “revise and extend” one’s own remarks after the floor debate is adjourned and everyone’s gone? This way I get to go on and on for the published record, yet no one has to wade through it in real time, in the actual discussion! Or ever. 😉

So this is written to “revise and extend” my abbreviated comments over there, without inflicting the strongly flavored and aromatic onion of my layered thinking on anyone who’s had enough, or is put off by onions in the first place. . .

If all the effects of sex were really inescapable, then we wouldn’t face any choices or decisions about it, as either parents of teens or parented teens.

It might be worth our time to consider why our positions on such issues make each other literally shudder, and why therefore, parents in our society seem unable to bridge this vast divide in world view. I don’t think it is clearly about religion or science, morals and values, education or parenting style per se.

I think our worldview clash is more basic, that the biggest chasm between us on every issue of our times is simply this — do we define human problems and solutions as black-and-white, either-or, good-bad, one line with two ends or sides to it? Or do we see human problems and solutions as rainbow, spectrum, spiral, prisms that fracture and recompose the patterns of reality every time someone twists the kaleidoscope another jot? In other words, no black OR white.

Take the charter school “problem” among homeschoolers as an example: we look like little specks to each other, can’t even make ourselves understood shouting across the divide between the binary and the infinite, between the prescribed and the described. The distortion of unbridgeable distance is just too great.

When moms who define abortion as wrong equate a teen’s choosing to have sex at all, with choosing to become a mother, and suggest motherhood is a “consequence” for failing to take responsibility, I can’t understand it across the parenting chasm that separates us. Read the rest of this entry »