Christian Education a la Screwtape

13 02 2008

Frisky cock of the snook to Dana at Principled Discovery for this “post-evangelical” find:

Slobweiner’s theory was that the wretched condition of public schools would provide just the right platform for the excessive hubris and narcissism we wanted in “Christian” schools. The outcome of this plan has amazed all of us, and we now have a situation where any Christian school is deemed the best place for a child, no matter what a shallow culture of conformity it allows. . .

All that talk of “excellence” and “leadership” really is quite a lot of fizz, as these institutions produce followers, conformists and prattling repeaters of propaganda . . .[and] depend on caricatures, propaganda, distortions and deceptions to such an extend that once the little darlings encounter a real atheist, or a thoughtful Buddhist or someone having sex who’s not insane, they are already questioning everything they’ve ever heard. . .




2 responses

13 02 2008

That was quite an entertaining post.

13 02 2008

Almost as if it were divinely inspired? 😉

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