A Holiday Post With No Name

18 02 2008

Presidents’ Day is not clear at all.
Which day? Which presidents? Why?

Did you know that despite continuing to call it Washington’s Birthday, one state officially inserts Calvin Coolidge into this celebration, along with both John and John Q. Adams, and John F. Kennedy?

Heck, we don’t even agree on how to spell it correctly, and that’s because what’s correct depends on context and intent as well as custom, all of which keeps changing —

And don’t even get me started on the oxymoronic etymology of honoring secular government leaders with a “holy day” of any name.



4 responses

18 02 2008

I couldn’t agree more! What ever came of learning about Washington and Lincoln separately, as two very different leaders. Had to be due to money–one day off rather than two!

18 02 2008

And another shopping day! 🙂


18 02 2008

I’m especially liking the Lincoln-Darwin pairing on February 12. (Who says US presidents make the most interesting or admirable people, anyway?) Think how much more interesting that holiday mashup would’ve been for us as kids, singing holiday songs and making construction paper cutouts in school. . .

18 02 2008

Which brings me to —

The Leaders You’d Love to Celebrate Holiday Creation Contest!

1. Gotta pick two leaders actually born on the same day though not necessarily in the same year. (it’s cooler though)

2. Write a persuasive paragraph that connects them somehow in a way that will amuse us.

3. Post it here as a comment.

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