Soundbite at the Museum?

28 02 2008

Another great learning-as-life post from Holly and Lucia unschooling in Paris. This one connects art, science and inspiration through real sounds we’ve never thought to imagine before.

(Puts me in mind of Young Son announcing one Christmas that sound was his servant.)



One response

28 02 2008

Oh, and connecting real animal sounds never heard before, to real human sounds never heard before, is this amazing story I heard last night on NPR.

The never-before publicized real sounds of the Chicago Eight trial made the hair on the back of my neck stand up (the judge for example, sounded like Truman Capote, and so obviously on the side of the Old Guard). . .hearing it was so different than reading a transcript, just like hearing Obama is more powerful than merely reading his words.

(Shouldn’t Hillary be mocking his sound and presence and delivery, not just his “words” then? And isn’t his “sound effect” very similar to that of her own um, co-president?) )

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