Deja New

2 03 2008

Favorite Daughter and I have coined the term “deja new” as the functional opposite of deja vu — several times lately we’ve been in the car and I exclaim oh look at that, that’s new! And she patiently says, no mom, that’s been there for months and you’ve even noticed it before, and we’ve had this conversation!

So at first I figured she must be gas-lighting me but now, I think it is an aging phenomenon and we’ve decided to call it “deja new” — the sense that something you really HAVE seen before, is brand new. Has this happened to any of you yet, or are you too young and still in the throes of deja vu?




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2 03 2008

Unbelievable. What made me wonder if we could have possibly been the first, and Google our new idea? Whatever it was, it was right on. We really WERE original, completely, not even cross-pollinated. And yet. . .
not the first to have this exact same idea. Great minds and all that, not to mention maybe I had this idea FIRST and forgot it until now when it seems new again?? Or maybe I just think I thought of it before but not really?
So is this deja vu now or deja new, both, neither, some mash-up of the two?

3 03 2008
Nance Confer

Gas-lighting? Another one the next generation may not get. I believe it may even have been from before MY time. 🙂


3 03 2008

LOL – hey, Favorite Daughter knows it at age 17, from the old movies! Ingrid Bergman, Angela Lansbury, timeless power of story, what are they teaching these days in school, if not the IMPORTANT stuff?? 🙂

From wikipedia:

He has done everything in his power to convince his wife that she is going mad, so he can have her certified insane and confined. . .

And here’s why that word now has that meaning —

Why does the flame go down? Lights in the London house are from fixtures with gas flames, and when you light one light, it reduces gas supply to the other lights in the house that are close by, and the light dims. But no one in the house has lit any other lights!

3 03 2008

I shared your deja new story with Girl and she got a good laugh. She and I have the exact same conversations (minus the new term for it) ALL the time. I’m guessing it’s the age.

3 03 2008

Have we met? 😉

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