Charlie Crist In the News Today, Both Surprising and Not

5 03 2008

He gave our State of the State address last night, timed for maximum national exposure to potential veep pickers. No surprise there.

But seriously, THIS is a big surprise for us long-time Florida Capitol watchers! It just came through the local newspaper’s afternoon update:


Gov. Charlie Crist has a private word with Carole Rome of Miami, whom he introduced as “my girlfriend” at the Governor’s Mansion annual party Tuesday night.

But when I went to the paper’s website to see the photo, the cutline has changed! No mention of the word “girlfriend” online now, so I’ll bet there’s even more story to this story . . .

Now it reads:

“Gov. Charlie Crist and Carole Rome of Miami have a word as they make the rounds of his session-opening reception and dinner Tuesday night at the Governor’s Mansion.”

Okay, Let’s See if I Can Be Vituperative, Too

5 03 2008

Hillary Clinton is in fact uniquely experienced at answering the White House phone at any time of day, and taking a message for the President. Next question?


5 03 2008

CNN on in the background, talking politics — what will the Dems do now? Yeah, yeah, the campaigning will get more “negative” from here on out, more — whazza?


“vituperative (adjective) —
with abusive condemnation; with harsh denunciation”

Well, at least the words are getting more interesting, if not the arguments! 😉