Don’t Miss the First “Talk Like a Physicist” Day

6 03 2008

This could be as big a holy-day as Talk Like A Pirate Day!

Next Friday, March 14 — that’s 3.14, get it, get it? — is the first annual Talk Like a Physicist Day. And see Twisted Physics for celebratory physics cocktail recipes in the left sidebar like “Quantum Theory” and “Combustible Edison,” in case you can work some hard partying into your evolved homeschooling that day.

Oh, and here’s something just for Not June Cleaver:


(Quantum cock of the Snook to Sharon in our theatre community.)

Revealer’s Christian Candidate Quiz Kitsch

6 03 2008

“Christian Candidate Quiz Bowl

06 March 2008

Let’s ask them: how does God guide you, exactly?
By Jeff Sharlet

Now, there is no wall; only a hedge, over and through which church and state blend into one another with ever less distinction. . .[so] how about a debate in which Hillary and Obama each explain how Revelation will help them make decisions?

It’s time to take political faith seriously. And if doing so strikes you as invasive, unseemly, and irrelevant to the job the candidates are seeking -– well, then, it’s really time to take faith seriously, including its uses and abuses in a democracy where piety and cynicism have long been comfortable companions. Bush won’t be taking either with him when he goes.