Revealer’s Christian Candidate Quiz Kitsch

6 03 2008

“Christian Candidate Quiz Bowl

06 March 2008

Let’s ask them: how does God guide you, exactly?
By Jeff Sharlet

Now, there is no wall; only a hedge, over and through which church and state blend into one another with ever less distinction. . .[so] how about a debate in which Hillary and Obama each explain how Revelation will help them make decisions?

It’s time to take political faith seriously. And if doing so strikes you as invasive, unseemly, and irrelevant to the job the candidates are seeking -– well, then, it’s really time to take faith seriously, including its uses and abuses in a democracy where piety and cynicism have long been comfortable companions. Bush won’t be taking either with him when he goes.



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6 03 2008
Nance Confer

Sounds like a great idea to me.

Of course, their politico mutterings are mostly just pandering to the 90+% who want to hear that their leaders believe in something churchy.

But even if the pols are just saying what it takes to get elected, it would be one way to weed out the truly wacky.


6 03 2008

For example, do they support religious spanking [and concomitant emotional and sexual abuse], justified by a fundamentalist’s literal reading of the Bible and belief in parenting pastors like Michael and Debi Pearl? Seems even World Net Daily now is reporting that this CA case of the Long family isn’t anything to do with homeschooling but the beatings they’ve been inflicting for the past 20 years . . .
Apparently the first investigation of that family for physical abuse was in 1987!! Before I was even married, much less had kids and homeschooled them to college. . .the Dem candidates are all lawyers, let them defend THAT.

7 03 2008

Let them then defend the ineffectiveness of child protective services and explain why these are among the most underfunded and understaffed programs around.

Apparently, that’s not all GWB’s fault if this particular issue was on the books in 1987.


7 03 2008
JJ Ross

See Doc’s “Dear Stupid People” repudiating homeschooler hysterics over the Long case, and her follow-up posts criticizing the case’s “journalism” and “legislative” stupidity aspects.

I hope Doc will forgive Snook quoting a hard-hitting chunk — and btw, I’ve seen not just stupid but sly hs “advocates” making this case a big deal, whipping this up online knowing better yet grabbing it as a weapon of terror, intentionally exploiting home education and abused kids too, for their dominionist brinksmanship.

Here’s Doc’s synopsis.

Fundy family isolates and whips kids in generic example of Christian homeschool home. Denim jumpers, big Ford van, quiverful, rod of correction, and the Bible as curriculum. Insert your favorite stereotypical fundy homeschool term – it’s probably applicable.

Kids get old enough to rebel and do – by turning abusive father in.

Court demands that unless fundy parents want to lose custody of children, they put them in school, where the oversight of adults outside the family may prevent further abuse AND the children may actually get some education beyond homemaking and family headship. Court points out that homeschooling isn’t a right under the Constitution. (Duh)

Family gets upset, calls it abuse of power and demands their right to religious training – separate from education of course, but family doesn’t view it this way and is ecstatic that WND picks up the story and puts their unique spin on it.

WND is using this family to further its campaign against California schools and their inclusion of hate free curriculum.

Dumb Christians who can’t think their way out of a paper sack continue the hysteria by mass postings on message boards, email lists, and blogs.

And now we have California made homeschooling illegal.

With all the frantic posturing going on now in California’s legislature, it’s probably no coincidence that this issue is less about education, and more about Christianity, anti gay sentiment, and the conservative fear that they’re bound to lose November’s election.

No wonder the general public hasn’t overcome concerns about “homeschooling” as more threat than beacon, to America sustaining a well-educated populace more beacon than threat to the world.

8 03 2008

See Daryl’s withering critique of candidate McCain’s religion-in-government face here.

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