What Was That Song? Oh, Right: “Hollywood Isn’t America”

7 03 2008

If anyone was wondering, the new kiss-off “sorry, no consolation prize for you,” song on American Idol is called “Hollywood isn’t America,” and it would seem Sean Hannity agrees.

If anyone was wondering about the relevancy of that information, I would like to:

1) ask that they wait for all to be revealed in the blinding light of my brilliance, and

2) inform you all that this is not, in fact, JJ, but her “Favorite Daughter,” which seems to be the name by which I am best known, despite the fact that I, personally, never refer to myself as such.

JJ is presently “on assignment,” as the reporters say, and by “on assignment,” I mean “running errands in the car while listening to The Sean Hannity Show.”

I keep telling her not to do this, it can only end in tragedy. Sean Hannity is probably one of the leading causes of road rage in this country, at least for anyone who has a functional frontal lobe.
(Note: I have no problem with conservatives per se, I have a problem with illogic!)

Anyway, my mom JJ was listening to the show just now, and apparently a thirteen-year-old boy called in. Presumably after beginning with the creepy and obligatory greeting of, “Hi, Sean, you’re a great American,” he informed Hannity that he’d just received an email that said homeschooling was now illegal in the state of California.

I like to imagine the sound of this call: how tearily the boy must have whispered, “Help, Sean. Help.”

Also, I really hope this kid isn’t homeschooled, because he’s doing a fabulous job of displaying his lack of critical thinking skills. That’s just the publicity we all need, Sean Hannity and “I read it in a chain email, it must be true!” kid. Read the rest of this entry »

Gee, It’s Like Watching an Odometer Roll Over

7 03 2008

Overhyped numbers like test scores but still, what a strange magic . . . 😉

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California Child Abuse Is Not Home Education

7 03 2008

Here are select perspectives from different world views, saying some of the same important things.

Doc’s “My Last Word on the Subject”:

“If after reading those court documents, you’re still too stupid to understand the possible implications to your own situation, please, put your children in public school. You’re not qualified to teach them.”


Dana at Principled Discovery:

This case was about physical abuse. This family has been in and out of court with their children in and out of foster care for twenty years. . .While all involved certainly have a right to decent legal defense, at what point would HSLDA have stepped in?”


Christian HS charter and homeschool mom sharing this link:

“Spankings were a minor part of the allegations. Hitting with objects and on
parts other than the [bottom], in anger, yes, but there is much more to this
story than that. The older daughter ran away from this home and named an
abusive father. Reading the court reports of this family is just heart
breaking….sexual abuse, ignored by the parents; children asking to go to
public school, denied by the parents; excessive control over friends, music
and other aspects of the children’s lives, to include no doors on bedrooms
and the girl not allowed to wear pants.

The parents were told to get counseling and anger management- nothing ever happened. The girl reports that the youngest kids will get along fine with dad until they learn to
think for themselves. This girl exhibited symptoms of depression and started
cutting on herself- the dad just threatened the girl for it (rather than get
counseling, outside help for his daughter.) She ran away when she was only
14, and ran to the police station for help. She ended up in foster care. . . the family was told to get its act together with respect to the younger children’s schooling. That was more than 2 years ago.

Another girl older in the family had run away several times, and had also been beat [to the point of hospital treatment of injuries] by her father. She also had been placed in foster care. This family had a long history of being in court for [physical, emotional and sexual] abuse, and had been watched by the courts and children’s services, with monthly home visits.

I often think these judges come to the wrong conclusion- putting the kids in
the public schools only protects them for a few hours, but taking the children away from the parents is an attempt to protect them for every hour of the day.

To think that this dad and his submissive wife are suddenly going to change just because their (youngest) kids were ordered into a public school isn’t going to change a thing for this family. I don’t know if the right answer is to just take these kids away, but declaring
homeschooling illegal isn’t solving anything for these kids.”