California Child Abuse Is Not Home Education

7 03 2008

Here are select perspectives from different world views, saying some of the same important things.

Doc’s “My Last Word on the Subject”:

“If after reading those court documents, you’re still too stupid to understand the possible implications to your own situation, please, put your children in public school. You’re not qualified to teach them.”


Dana at Principled Discovery:

This case was about physical abuse. This family has been in and out of court with their children in and out of foster care for twenty years. . .While all involved certainly have a right to decent legal defense, at what point would HSLDA have stepped in?”


Christian HS charter and homeschool mom sharing this link:

“Spankings were a minor part of the allegations. Hitting with objects and on
parts other than the [bottom], in anger, yes, but there is much more to this
story than that. The older daughter ran away from this home and named an
abusive father. Reading the court reports of this family is just heart
breaking….sexual abuse, ignored by the parents; children asking to go to
public school, denied by the parents; excessive control over friends, music
and other aspects of the children’s lives, to include no doors on bedrooms
and the girl not allowed to wear pants.

The parents were told to get counseling and anger management- nothing ever happened. The girl reports that the youngest kids will get along fine with dad until they learn to
think for themselves. This girl exhibited symptoms of depression and started
cutting on herself- the dad just threatened the girl for it (rather than get
counseling, outside help for his daughter.) She ran away when she was only
14, and ran to the police station for help. She ended up in foster care. . . the family was told to get its act together with respect to the younger children’s schooling. That was more than 2 years ago.

Another girl older in the family had run away several times, and had also been beat [to the point of hospital treatment of injuries] by her father. She also had been placed in foster care. This family had a long history of being in court for [physical, emotional and sexual] abuse, and had been watched by the courts and children’s services, with monthly home visits.

I often think these judges come to the wrong conclusion- putting the kids in
the public schools only protects them for a few hours, but taking the children away from the parents is an attempt to protect them for every hour of the day.

To think that this dad and his submissive wife are suddenly going to change just because their (youngest) kids were ordered into a public school isn’t going to change a thing for this family. I don’t know if the right answer is to just take these kids away, but declaring
homeschooling illegal isn’t solving anything for these kids.”



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7 03 2008

I ran into one blog that said this case was about the parents right to discipline their own children. Now, I’m assuming he hadn’t actually read anything more than the WND article and hadn’t bothered to look at any of the court documents, but that is one reason I think advocates of spanking need to be careful of who they defend and how they go about it. The daughter was hospitalized and the father ended up in jail. Children have been put in foster care.

Having worked in the system, I know how slow it is to remove children and how quick it is to reunite them. And I worked in a state which got fined by the federal government for being too quick to remove children and keeping them in care too long. After the audit, there was a huge push to get kids out…which is good to a point. That should always be the goal. But statistics can’t govern the decisions on each individual child and when they should be reunited with their parents.

I just couldn’t help but wonder if the same kinds of things were affecting this situation.

7 03 2008

“I ran into one blog that said this case was about the parents right to discipline their own children. . . one reason I think advocates of spanking need to be careful of who they defend and how they go about it.”

I just posted on our local hs list the following:

“Btw, National Spank Out Day next month would be a good, visible opportunity to redefine “home education” families as being on the side of defending CHILDREN no matter where or how they learn. Not that I expect conservative white male dominionist xenophobes to let that happen, as long as they can keep up the facade that they are “for” family freedoms and family values, and successfully exploit loving homeschool moms into unwittingly fueling their self-aggrandizing hardball . . .but the only way out is through I guess . . .

I speak up for that day, without any organization or compensation, like this.

. . .and a good place to start might be to stop calling kid-hitting any kind of love or learning, and to object when others do.

Tomorrow–Monday April 30–is SpankOut 2007 and for once, this is a Snook post that Thinking Parents needn’t give much thought. It’s the Unthinking Parents, those too deeply in thrall with traditional church and school teachings, who need to start thinking. What they need to think about is how they teach all the wrong lessons by hitting — even in the exalted name of education or eternal life, much less from simple ignorance, habit or lack of a better idea.If you know any such folks, please apply any or all of these implements where they can do the most good (and don’t let up until they learn a good lesson!)

Discipline at School: National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools

Religion and Discipline: Spare the Rod…Spoil the Child?

Discipline at Home: The Kindness to Children Index (by State)

As the Stophitting homepage reminds us, good old Dr. Spock WAS ahead of his time:

If we are ever to turn toward a kindlier society and a safer world, a revulsion against the physical punishment of children would be a good place to start.

– Dr. Benjamin Spock

Is Your Love for Your Kids Controlling?
29 10 2007

Controlling them, I mean. (Of course you believe love controls YOU.)

But is controlling children the best answer to loving them? Have you considered the collaborative model instead?

Our articulate, introspective friend Pam Sorooshian is a real-life unschooling inspiration to so many loving parents. As her own three daughters grew into (very smart and well-socialized!) young women, we’ve been privileged to see Pam focus more of her prodigious compassion, intelligence and educator skills on helping younger moms understand and begin living by unschooling principles.

Like Sandra Dodd, I think this is Pam’s calling, her mission — her way to help make the real world a better place not in the gauzy possible future, but right this minute.

She’s really good at it, too. At least she sure does get to me! 🙂

And because that IS her whole purpose when she writes about unschooling, I think she won’t mind me blogging a connection to something she wrote, her modeling answer to a question about limiting tv and computer screen-time.

I’ve been reading at Parenting Beyond Belief, a series of posts examining the Christian control meme as semi-pornographic advice online and off, advice on spanking with love, no — that spanking IS love. And that love is control, shown through an elaborate system of limits and consequences.

And that the child’s resistance is natural; expect it and prepare to subdue it early and often. Beat it out of the children you love, show them who’s boss every minute of the day and night. This is divine commandment and the more ritualistic and intimidating, the more memorably painful, the more thoroughly it breaks the child’s spirit, the better. Love is thereby defined as power, absolute control by any escalating means that crushes challenge to authority of any kind.

I tend to focus mainly on the horror of all that actual hitting, but along comes Pam to remind me love-as-control is a whole mindset, a parenting meme. There are ways to control and disrespect (and spoil) a beloved child, to reap what you’ve sown with your “love as control” even while congratulating yourself for not PHYSICALLY abusing your child’s precious spirit, trust and love for you.

7 03 2008
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18 03 2008

It’s all the same propaganda from the same movie machine, with the same warped and wicked agenda. Will all the smart, strong Christian moms who really do support independent education, critical thinking and parent-protected family freedoms be able to think their way past this oh-so-orchestrated “cognitive” cultural coup by the dominionists?

19 03 2008
22 03 2008
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