Where Old Democrats Go To Die —

13 03 2008

A grudge-nursing home?

This time Liza tells the story and more than the politics of race OR sex, it’s about real change over time and whether we really believe in it, whether we even have the words to conceive of it:

Over and over again the surrogates who’ve race baited the Obama
campaign have been all over the age of 55: Joe Johnson, Bill Clinton, Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, Sergio Bendixen, Gloria Steinem. Most have been
either WW2 babies or first wave boomers.
In other words, these are people who came of age in a segregated
America and who are used to a society forged on a hierarchy of
Entitlements in which The (white) Man always comes first.

Which is why a lot of the older feminists supporting Obama see him as
“breaking the rule” of trying to snatch away from white women they’re
right to have their vote (and their will) count first. In their world,
after The (white) Man, comes the The (white) Woman. The people, those pesky millennials who are voting for Obama in droves, are messing up big time with the early Boomers “but it’s my turn” mojo.

. . .Ferraro doesn’t even have words to describe what is happening. Change doesn’t even exist in her vocabulary. What she has to say is : “And the country is caught up in the concept”. The country is enthralled in the “concept” of a black man as president, not the reality.

Of course one doesn’t automatically lose all imagination for new stories when one’s own story is near its end. Read the rest of this entry »