My Unschoolers Absorbed in “John Adams” — Abigail Too!

19 03 2008

And they’re not alone, it seems. 🙂

See some cool stuff at the official site too, including video interviews:

March 19, 2008
‘John Adams’ Is a Star on HBO

By Brian Stelter

The first two parts of the HBO miniseries “John Adams” drew high ratings for the premium cable channel.

The first segment, which was 70 minutes, drew an average of 2.5 million viewers on Sunday, and the second segment, at 91 minutes, attracted 2.8 million viewers later that night.

The ratings represented HBO’s best miniseries debut since 2004, Broadcasting & Cable said. The results do not include on-demand viewings, typically an important segment for HBO.

The series, starring Paul Giamatti as America’s second president and Laura Linney as the first lady, is based on the author David McCullough’s biography of Mr. Adams. The miniseries will continue to unfold Sundays at 9 p.m. through April 20.

Huzza! Valerie on World Net Daily as a “News” Source

19 03 2008

Valerie Moon does us all a service with her exhaustive — probably exhausting! — reference list of story links, “California ruling dominates homeschooling news” and then she does us a greater service IMNSHO by spelling out this important homeschool advocacy note:

Fyi, all reports from World Net Daily (WND), and any reports that invoke either Hitler or the Nazis, have not been included.

To me, WND’s reporting is of the ‘throw in everything but the kitchen sink’ variety so that the tone is more emotional than factual. I don’t find it helpful. For anything about Hitler & pals, the library should have some comprehensive history books.

Credible, serious home education defense calls for credible, serious home education sources worth our effort to analyze and develop credible, serious plans to handle, as needed.

Leave all the World Net Daily-style ad hominem, hype, hysterics, propaganda, fear-mongering, bible beating, and agenda flogging out of it. PLEASE! Or else leave me out of it, which is fine too.

A Tragic True Story About Teens

19 03 2008

from the Miami Herald, in which moms and dads use artificially institutional and controlled, contained words like “structure” and “program” to replace all sorts of open-ended, life-affirming real human values like parenting, learning, family, maturity, community involvement, passion, independence, individual responsibility. . .

For Thinking Voters Sick of Spin

19 03 2008

I offer this tell-it-like-is Salon memo to both heavyweight sluggers still vying for the Democratic nomination, from Thomas Schallar:

Quit arguing about who would be more electable in November. You both have strengths — and weaknesses — on the electoral map against John McCain.