A Tragic True Story About Teens

19 03 2008

from the Miami Herald, in which moms and dads use artificially institutional and controlled, contained words like “structure” and “program” to replace all sorts of open-ended, life-affirming real human values like parenting, learning, family, maturity, community involvement, passion, independence, individual responsibility. . .




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19 03 2008

Did this give you pause?
“Researchers found half of offenses committed by teens happen
during the daylight hours. . .” — and the other half are committed during the other half of the hours, no doubt.

LOL – and do you suppose they also found half of the teens to be boys?

22 03 2008
Life On The Planet

And when, exactly, did their not supervising their children become my problem? I do feel sorry for divorced mothers who are in a tight spot (often do to a father not living up to his responsibility), but as for the rest of them, if I can live humbly and take care of my own, then so can they. So there.

22 03 2008
JJ Ross

I wasn’t thinking of the parents at all, just the kids. What a way to grow up . . .

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